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What Colleges Look for In the College Personal Essay?

College admission officers look for so many things in a write my essay. They receive plenty of admission applications every year, but all colleges have limited seats available. So, they have set a criterion to filter students out.

They filter out students on every stage of the admission process on the basis of their selection criteria so that they get the best students for their college. A well-written college essay is one of those selection criteria.

There are a few things that a college admission officer considers while reading a college essay. we have compiled a list of those important things for you. Let’s have a look at them so that you can add them to your college essay. 

Intellectual Curiosity

This is something that is known as the love for learning. How much a student is passionate about learning different things. 

  • Does a student like to learn independently away from the class?

  • How much a student tries to find a solution to his problem?

  • Does a student try to look for new things to learn?

  • How much hard work does he put in his homework?

You might have a goal that you want to achieve in your life and you might have planed it how you are going to achieve it. Share it with your admission officer. Impress him with your intellectual curiosity.


The most difficult thing is to take initiative for something. It is very easy to take charge and continue with a legacy. But it takes some guts to start a new thing or try to make a change.

The college admission officer would love to have a student who wants to bring a change or like to take a write my essay for me. They are looking for students with an entrepreneurial spirit, or those who want to start a new business, or make a new organization, or may want to develop a new product to make people’s life easier.

  • They might want to see, what will you do to make a college society group better?

  • How will you bring a change in your organization?

  • What will you do to improve your team’s ability to win?

  • You can put your thoughts in your college essay and make an impressive story.


This is the best way to impress your admission officer is by presenting your contributions.

What contributions you have made to improve the community, school, lives, or organization?

If you have decided to focus on this topic, you need to make sure that you just not list down your contributions but what impact they have left on the people’s life.

Diversity of Experience

Everyone has various life experiences and ways of looking at the world. You need to tell your experiences to the admission officer.

  • What unique experiences you have?

  • How those experiences shaped your life?

  • How do your experiences add to campus life and student body?

State your experiences in a way that a reader would learn something from them. Give them a piece of your personality through your essay writing service.

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